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Established in 1953 as a local Cupertinio & Saratoga Breakfast restaurant by Taro Yamagami and later renamed in March of 1970 by Bobbi Thorne as Bobbi’s Coffee Shop, this long established staple restaurant has stood the test of time by passing down it’s time tested famous homemade recipes. After 43 years and a few owners later (all of which worked at Bobbi’s), Bobbie’s Cafe was born under the guidance of Bill & Jan Dancer. Many of our loyal customers have been coming to Bobbie’s for decades; many of their children and their grandchildren continued bringing their families regularly. During the Covid 19 Pandemic the current custodian, guardian, owner and keeper of the sacred Recipe Book decided to relinquish Bobbi’s back to the daughter of Taro Yamagami, Toya. Keeping with tradition she contacted and secured the prior servers and chefs. She decided to update the kitchen equipment and give Bobbi’s a facelift by installing new floors, restored the counter stools, renovated the bathrooms, painted the exterior and interior, update the upholstery and sales system as well as bring the original Bobbi’s outdoor sign back to life by refinishing it with new LED bulbs. After many decades Toya Yamagami & her husband Tracy James have yet again breathed new life into this Iconic local Breakfast, Lunch and Brunch establishment.

Our Customers are the Heart of who we are. We couldn’t be here without you. We are truly grateful to our community and their continued support, allowing us to remain open during this uncertain time. If you need to contact us you can email Toya at
Thank you, Everyone!

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